Group Management

The Group Management consists of experienced professionals with long work experience from both B2 Impact and other companies in the debt management industry. The Group Management is responsible for the company’s business operations, investments, risk, financial reporting and other corporate matters.

Erik Just Johnsen

Chief Executive Officer

Erik Just Johnsen

CEO of B2 Impact ASA since August 2019.

Joined B2 Impact (formerly B2Holding) in 2013. Held the position of Chief Group Controller until January 2017, before becoming CFO. 

Mr. Johnsen has held various positions in Orkla Finans and Elkem before operating Erling Johnsen AS from 1992 - 2000. He later acted as CFO in Northstar Ind. Inc. and Marine Subsea.

Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Finance from the University of Wisconsin, MBA with major in Finance from the University of Chicago.

André Adolfsen

Chief Financial Officer

André Adolfsen

Joined B2 Impact in November 2020.

Mr. Adolfsen has previously held several management positions with the debt industry, including Group Finance Director at Intrum and various positions within finance at Lindorff. Further, he has experience as a Senior Equity Analyst at Nordea Markets.

Mr. Adolfsen holds an MSc in Finance from Copenhagen Business School and a BSc in Finance from BI Norwegian Business School.

Adam Parfiniewicz

Chief Operating Officer

Adam Parfiniewicz

Joined B2 Impact in 2016. Held the position as Regional Director for Poland, Finland & Baltics, until December 2019. Head of Operations (previously titled Head of Unsecured Asset Management) since October 2019. 

Mr. Parfiniewicz previously held various management positions in Polish retail banks, including PBK, Credit Agricole, and BNP Paribas. He also served as the CEO in PolCard (card processor) and Expander (mortgage and investments broker).

Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Warsaw.

Endre Solvin-Witzø

Chief Investment Officer

Endre Solvin-Witzø

Joined B2 Impact in October 2021.

Mr. Solvin-Witzø has extensive experience from Financial and Professional Services. Prior experience includes senior and executive positions within CMS and speciality finance at Lowell, Intrum and Lindorff, as well as various executive positions in other industries at Cermaq, IBM and PwC.

Mr. Solvin-Witzø holds an MSc in Information and Knowledge Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and an MBA in Finance from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Jeremi Bobowski

Chief Risk, Compliance & ESG Officer

Jeremi Bobowski

Joined B2 Impact in March 2015. Held the position of Chief Investment Officer until October 2019. 

Mr. Bobowski has held various positions among others in Arthur Andersen, AIG and  Credit Agricole.

He later joined ULTIMO, acquired by B2 Impact in 2014, as CRO.

MSc in Mathematics and Statistics from Technical University of Wrocław.

George Christoforou

Chief Master & Special Servicing Officer

George Christoforou

Joined B2 Impact in April 2018 as CEO of B2Kapital in Greece. Held the position of Regional Director of Central & South East Europe until December 2019. Chief Master & Special Servicing Officer (previously titled Head of Secured Asset Management) from October 2019. 

Mr. Christoforou has held various positions in banking and corporate finance, including serving as CEO of the Bank of Cyprus in Romania. He specialised in NPL management during the Greek and Cypriot financial crises and has held the position of Chief of Portfolios in the Greek single liquidation entity PQH.

MBA from London Business School and is a licensed insolvency practitioner.