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Below you will find a summary of certain Norwegian legal issues regarding shareholding in B2 Impact ASA.

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This summary is not a comprehensive description of all legal rights and obligations which can be relevant to the shareholders in B2 Impact ASA (hereafter referred to as "the Company"), and does not include legal issues that are not subject to Norwegian law. The summary is based on applicable Norwegian laws, rules and regulations as they exist as of the date set out below. These laws, rules and regulations can be subject to change. The summary is only intended to provide brief introductory information and does not include all aspects that might be relevant for investment and shareholding in the Company. The information in this summary can be subject to change without notice.

Dated: 26 May 2016

Country of origin

Norway is the Company's country of origin regarding periodic information duty according to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act chapter 5, disclosure requirements of acquisitions of large shareholdings, rights to shares and voting rights according to chapter 4, and obligations regarding prospectus according to chapter 7.

Norwegian corporate shareholders – exemption method

The so called exemption method for investment in the Company's shares applies to Norwegian corporate shareholders. Corporate shareholders comprise private limited companies and certain similar entities. Whether a shareholder is Norwegian is determined by the shareholder's tax residency and not its nationality.

Norwegian regulations on takeover bid

The Company is subject to Norwegian regulations regarding, and Oslo Stock Exchange's supervision, of takeover bids.

Norwegian regulations on shareholding disclosure requirements

Trading in the Company's shares is subject to Norwegian regulations on shareholding disclosure.

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