B2 Impact ASA: Changes to the share buy-back program

The Board of B2 Impact has decided to pause the acquisition of own shares. To this effect, the Board has decided to end the currently ongoing share buy-back program.

The Board considers share buy-backs at current levels to be accretive to shareholders, but at the same time acknowledges that reduction of tradeable shares in combination with limited free float can negatively affect the trading activity in the share. The Board will consider on an ongoing basis whether to resume the acquisition of own shares. Such a recommencement will be announced to the market. Remaining authority for share buy-backs granted by the General meeting in May 2023 is 5.65 million shares or NOK 31 million.

In the current share buy-back program, the Company has acquired 19,348,672 shares representing 4.99% of outstanding shares for a total consideration of NOK 131.7 million representing an average price per share of NOK 6.81.