B2 Impact ASA: First quarter results 2024

(Oslo, 2024-05-15)

First quarter financial highlights:

* Cash collections of NOK 1,273 million (1,248)
- up 2% y-o-y

* Cash EBITDA of NOK 905 million (900)
- up 1% y-o-y

* Adj. EBIT of NOK 360 million (402)
- down 10% y-o-y

*Adj. Net profit of NOK 96 million (112)
- down 14% y-o-y

*Leverage ratio of 1.9x (2.5x)
- down 24% y-o-y

(Comparable numbers for Q1 2023 in brackets)

B2 Impact had revenues of NOK 882 million in the first quarter and collections of NOK 1,272 million. Collections remained strong in the first quarter with an unsecured collection performance of 105% and secured collection performance at 164% compared with latest forecast.

Cash EBITDA was NOK 905 million and adjusted EBIT was NOK 360 million. Adjusted Net profit was NOK 96 million equivalent to adjusted earnings per share of NOK 0.26.

B2 Impact invested NOK 290 million in new portfolios in the first quarter. Of the invested amount 85 per cent were unsecured forward flows and 15 per cent were unsecured one-offs. At the end of the quarter, the Estimated Remaining Collections (ERC) were NOK 22.8 billion including share of portfolios held in JVs. At the end of the first quarter, the Group had committed investments of NOK 700 million for 2024.

B2 Impact has a solid and diversified funding structure to support further growth. The healthy capital structure and leveraging ensure liquidity and financial flexibility to deliver on the strategy going forward. The Group holds an EUR 610 million senior secured revolving credit facility (RCF), an EUR 180 million senior facility agreement (SFA) and two senior unsecured bond loans for a total of EUR 450 million.

“In the first quarter we delivered strong collection performance and solid cash flow. Pipeline visibility has been improving and we see increasing activity going into the second quarter. We have remained disciplined in our approach to investments and expect a favourable competitive environment going forward. Entering Q2 we have invested and committed volumes of over NOK 1bn which allows for a selective approach for the year where we aim to take advantage of an expected increase in NPL volumes and capital restrictions for the industry as a whole” said Erik Just Johnsen, CEO of B2 Impact ASA.


For further information, please see the Q1 2024 presentation and report attached. The documents are also available on the Company's website: www.b2-impact.com

Definitions of alternative performance measures can be found in the report and presentation.

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For further information, please contact:

Rasmus Hansson
Head of Investor Relations and M&A
Mobile: +47 952 55 842
E-mail: rasmus.hansson@b2-impact.com


André Adolfsen
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About B2 Impact ASA
B2 Impact ASA is one of the leading pan-European debt management companies. B2 Impact offers solutions to the challenges created by defaulted loans, and provide liquidity to financial institutions, contributing to a healthier financial system. B2 Impact promote lasting financial improvement through transparent and ethical debt management. The Company was founded in 2011 and employs around 1,600 people. B2 Impact ASA is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and the B2 Impact share is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker "B2I". For further information, visit www.b2-impact.com