B2 Impact ASA: Q4 2023 results to be presented on Thursday 15 February

B2 Impact ASA will publish its fourth quarter 2023 results on Thursday 15 February 2024.

07:00 CET: The report and presentation will be made available on www.b2-impact.com and newsweb.oslobors.no

08:30 CET: The fourth quarter results and the following Q&A will be presented in a live audiocast. Live viewers can submit their written questions for the Q&A in the player during the audiocast. The audiocast will be available through the following link:


A recording of the audiocast will be available on-demand after the live stream is concluded.

For further information, please contact:

Rasmus Hansson Head of Investor Relations and M&A, B2 Impact ASA Mobile: +47 952 55 842
E-mail: rasmus.hansson@b2-impact.com

About B2 Impact B2 Impact is one of the leading pan-European debt management companies. B2 Impact offers solutions to the challenges created by defaulted loans, and provide liquidity to financial institutions, contributing to a healthier financial system. B2 Impact promote lasting financial improvement through transparent and ethical debt management. The Company was founded in 2011 and employs around 1,700 people. B2 Impact is headquartered in Oslo, Norway and the B2 Impact share is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker "B2I". For further information, visit www.b2-impact.com