B2 Impact ASA: Share buy-back

Please see below information about transactions made under the share buy-back programme for B2 Impact ASA (OSE:B2I)

Date on which the share buy-back programme for 2023 was announced: 25 May 2023.

The duration of the 2023 buy-back programme: 26 May 2023 until the Annual General Meeting 2024 at the latest.

Size of the buy-back programme: Up to 25,000,000 shares, but maximum total consideration: NOK 162,600,000.

From 16 October 2023 until 20 October 2023, B2 Impact ASA purchased a total of 135,535 own shares at the Oslo Stock Exchange at an average price of NOK 6.76 per share.

DateAggregated volume (no of shares)Weighted average share priceTotal transaction value
16 October 202325,0006.59164,750
17 October 202340,2216.75271,307
18 October 202344,0006.85301,400
19 October 202325,5836.81174,230
20 October 20237316.784,956
Previously disclosed
buy-backs under the
2023 programme (accumulated)

Total buy-backs under
the 2023 programme

Following the completion of the above transactions, B2 Impact ASA owns a total of 15,367,087 own shares, corresponding to 3.97% of B2 Impact ASA's share capital.

Appendix: A detailed overview of all transactions made under the buy-back programme that have been carried out during the above-mentioned time period is attached to this report and available at www.newsweb.no.